About me


2014 – present          Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
                                    BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

•  Subjects now being studied: Analysis, Java Programming, Management Engineering, Architecture of Digital Systems, Data Structure and Algorithms.
•  Teaching languages: mainly English, German, Italian.
•  Learning projects:

– Lean Startup course;
– 3D modeling and printing course;
– Web Design course: HTML, CSS, PHP, website building;
– “Making stories”: giving a new life to old and broken objects;
– “Hack-my-town”: ideas and initiatives to make Glurns – the smallest town in South Tyrol – a ‘smart’ town;
Munich APE Bootcamp 2015;
– OpenGL course.

2015 – 2016            Bilateral Agreement Exchange Program
                               College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA: BSc in Computer Science


Italian: mother tongue;
• English: certificate of level B2 (CEFR); very good oral and written comprehension; very good communication skills.
• German: certificate of level B2 (CEFR); very good comprehension skills; good communication skills.
• Basic knowledge of French and Spanish: good comprehension skills.


2003 – 2015         State Music School “Achille Peri”, Reggio Emilia, IT

•  Diploma in Oboe.
•  Other instruments: English horn, piano, classical guitar, percussion.
•  Subjects studied: choral singing, orchestral activities, music and harmony theory, history of ancient, classical and modern music, sheet reading and interpretation, acoustic physics.
•  Participation in several local events, with the youth orchestra of the music school or chamber groups, including some performances in Milan, Rome and other cities:

– 20.05.2012     Milan Royal Palace, with the Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo;
– 15.11.2012      Teatro Eliseo (Rome) at the “General State of Culture” manifestation, with President Giorgio Napolitano and other authorities;
– 2012-2014      Teatro Ariosto (Reggio Emilia) at the anniversary of Italian Flag “Tricolore” (7th January);
– 09.2014           Oboe Masterclass with Luca Vignali, oboist at Rome Opera House, at Music School “Achille Peri”, Reggio Emilia.

Work Experience

07 – 08.2013           6 weeks “school-work alternation” project at Eden Benessere Spa (Reggio Emilia): baby-sitting, swimming course, administration.
06.2015                    extra actor in the new Giuseppe Tornatore’s movie “The Correspondence” (Bolzano, Bressanone).
2010 – 2015            several paid music performances near Reggio Emilia.

General skills

•  Computer: good knowledge of Windows, Mac and Android operative systems and their most common web and mobile applications (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, iLife); programming (Java, Python); technical problems solving; websites developing; basic knowledge of Linux and Raspberry Pi.
•  Writing: books reviewing, creative writing, publishing articles on a literary blog, translating and proof-reading.
•  Manual and technical skills: hardware components; craft, DIY and decoupage.
• Creativity, adaptability and organisation, patience, careful attention to detail, quick learning skills, confidence, perseverance and motivation.
• Interested in finding ways to apply informatics to different fields: mainly music (for instance, audio editing), literature (digital libraries software or eBooks) and art (computer graphics, web design).

Interests and Activities

•  Reading novels, essays and comics: fantasy and science-fiction, crime and thriller, adventure, history and mythology, European and American Literature, Latin and Greek classics.
•  Listening to music – especially Italian and German Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, Opera, Jazz, Rock and contemporary soundtracks, score studying, going to the theatre and other music performances;
•  Travelling, learning about new cultures and habits;
•  Amateur photography, digital drawing and retouching, computer graphics.
•  Martial arts (brown belt in Karate) and weapons; Oriental culture in general, especially Japanese.

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